Expert Wiring and Cabling Service

Let Us Lay the Groundwork for Your Secure System

When you need high performance and secure networks for your business, count on the experts at OMNI for wiring services.
  • New cabling
  • Cable additions
  • Cable upgrades
  • Other cable services
  • Fiber optics
Our wiring services typically involve installing cable racks, patch panels, shelves, cable management, labeling, and certification, all of which we will handle.

Appropriate Hardware for High-Performance Systems

Let us help you select the cabling hardware that works best for your individual situation. We typically work with traditional copper cable CAT5E and CAT6, as well as fiber-optics.

CAT5E cable supports internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps whereas CAT6 cable supports internet speeds up to 1 Gbps. Fiber-optics can handle virtually any internet speed.

Get Finished Wiring for Your Infrastructure

Most of the wiring services we provide consist of connecting carrier services from providers like AT&T, Comcast, etc. into your infrastructure. 

Typically the carriers will only deliver service to a ‘demarc” (demarcation point) and it is then the responsibility of the customer to wire the cabling from that point. That's where we come in! Our technicians will take over and provide you with whichever wiring is best for your business.

Fully-Licensed and Up-to-Date Cabling Services

At OMNI we are NOT about overselling products and under-delivering network architecture. Your business may not require super-fast internet speeds so we'll work to meet your specific needs and not load you up with expensive gear.

On the other hand, certain types of businesses, such as doctors' offices, day cares, and hospitals, need a special plenum-rated cable that does not give off toxic fumes if it burns. As a licensed Florida Certified Specialty Electrical Contractor, we'll ensure your project is done right and is up to today’s codes, standards, and requirements.

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  • Cabling, wiring, and fiber optics
  • Network security
  • Repairs
  • Relocations
  • MAC (moves, adds, and changes)
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