Affordable Security Cameras

Surveillance Systems Help Maintain Control

Great security systems are no longer reserved for large corporations. OMNI can show you how 360-degree cameras, license plate recognition, and facial recognition capabilities are readily available and affordable for even traditional small businesses.

Whether your needs are as simple as a single camera focused on a door or a very sophisticated system made up of dozens of cameras covering a large building or campus, OMNI can direct you to the right setup at the right price.
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Check on Your Facility From Anywhere in the World

If you haven't seen a modern security system in action, you may not be aware of how picture quality has improved, storage time in the system archive has increased, and prices have come down substantially compared to just a few years ago.

Thanks to the internet, you also have 24/7 access to your system from anywhere on the planet! You can remotely check your facility or go back and see a recorded event from the past. Your system also can be set up to activate when it sees movement and then alert you through an email, a text, or a phone call.
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Let Us Develop a Plan That Fits Your Budget

Call us at 561-296-9797 today for a FREE site survey and consultation. We'll make a proposal that meets your immediate needs and addresses your future growth while remaining within your security budget.

Be sure to ask us about long-term leasing for a system installation, too!
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I have had the distinct pleasure and benefit of working with OMNI for many years. They have always proven to be extremely knowledgeable, responsive, and fair. I would (and do!) highly recommend OMNI for any of your business technology needs.

- MK
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