Proper Cabling and Fiber Optics

Get the Most Out of Your Network With the Right Wiring

You can have the most up-to-date PC in the world but if it can't connect to your network properly it's not going to function at its best! It all depends on the cabling and fiber optics - the wiring in your walls - that connect your devices to each other and to the internet.

OMNI, a Florida Certified Specialty Electrical Contractor, will ensure your cables are installed properly and functioning effectively and efficiently.

From your super high-performance network to the little patch cords coming out of your office walls, we'll make sure nothing is hindering your ability to work at the top of your game.

Prepare Ahead for Upgrades, Moves, and Expansions

Advances in technology have made high-performance networks affordable and available to everyone, allowing your PCs, security cameras, and other devices to connect to each other and to the internet.

Let us design, build, install, and commission your network whether you need an upgrade, are making a move, or are expanding your business. It is particularly important that you plan well ahead of any anticipated move or expansion because $10 spent today can pay back hundreds in the future.

Wired Devices Give You the Best in Security

Your cables need to be connected properly to efficiently optimize data throughout and to work in conjunction with your wireless network (Wi-Fi) and keep you abreast of today's and tomorrow's advances in technology.

Keep in mind that you don't want to have everything in your office either wired or wireless. A proper blend is ideal because wired networks are usually faster and are always more secure than wireless devices.
Fiber optics

Get a FREE Site Survey Before You Make Your Move

Anytime you are building, adding, moving, or expanding your business, see us for a FREE site survey and proposal. We'll help you determine what expenses you might face in bringing your infrastructure up to speed, as well as if the spaces you're considering are data network ready.

Contact 561-296-9797 right now for exceptional service from our family-owned and locally-owned company. 
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