Secure and Efficient Wi-Fi

Make Sure Your Wireless Network is Up to the Job

As wireless devices proliferate, the drain on your Wi-Fi grows and grows. 

More and more of your employees are coming to work with connected devices, such as PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and watches that are on all the time. At the same time, your business thermostats, security cameras, lighting controls, and other systems are tapping into your wireless network. And your neighbors and co-tenants may be in there too!

Let OMNI ensure that your Wi-Fi has the security, efficiency, and capacity you need to conduct your business every day.

Modernize Your Wi-Fi for Efficiency and Security

Wireless networks keep improving, largely due to the growth in popularity of mobile devices, which means your old system may be getting obsolete. Let us apply new technologies that protect you and add benefits to your business system.
  • Multi-band
  • VLAN
  • Traffic shaping
  • Content filtering
  • Walled-garden platform
  • And more
You also want to keep in mind that a rogue user on your unsecured network not only has complete access to your data but also can use your Wi-Fi for nefarious purposes that can leave you liable!

We Give a FREE Assessment of Your Wireless Network

Contact OMNI right now at 561-296-9797 so you can set up your FREE wireless assessment. 

We'll look at your system for both capacity and security and make any recommendations that will benefit your business or protect your reputation.

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OMNI has always been there when we need them, not only for service and maintenance but as qualified technical advisors.

- Ms. Pam Potts
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