Effective Leasing Solutions

Get the Technology You Need Without Having to Buy

Technology changes so quickly nowadays that you may be better off leasing your equipment from OMNI. 

You will effectively be conserving your valuable capital by buying today's technology with tomorrow's dollars. Leasing lets you take advantage of current flexible financing options and interest rates while you upgrade your business.

Ask for a FREE Quote and Start Saving Now

Let OMNI present you with a FREE quote that shows you all of the leasing benefits.
  • Preserve capital for other expenditures
  • Acquire new, needed technology now!
  • Aggressive rates
  • Low or no down payment
  • Quick application, review, and approvals
  • Affordable fixed monthly payments
  • Term up to five years
  • Lease term buyout (to own) options
  • Special programs
  • Potential tax advantages

Contact Us Now for a FREE Lease Quote

If you need assistance in setting up your leasing program, we partner with two institutions - Marlin Finance and NEC Financial Services - that can help you.

Call us now at 561-296-9797 for FREE lease quotes and a FREE consultation. Our highly-trained and certified staff will give you exceptional service every time.
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